Seakay Construction Corp

Construction Management

Seakay Construction Corporation, founded in 1988, is a national full-service construction and development firm specialized in the healthcare sector. Serving clients in more than 36 states, we have successfully developed and/or built more than 250 healthcare clinics nationwide. Seakay Construction offers targeted and/or turnkey assistance to both physicians and providers in navigating the diverse range of actions required for the successful development of a standalone or associated facility. Seakay has been at the forefront of the specialized field of dialysis facility design, construction, and development, building a solid reputation nationwide for providing attractive and efficient clinics that enhance both profitability and reputation while keeping lifecycle costs down.

Expanding into the broader healthcare facility sector, our team brings an established knowledge base, critical expertise, and outstanding resources to best assist our clients in meeting their overall healthcare development objectives. We can lead and manage the entire development process – from concept to facility occupancy – or offer our clients targeted services. Oriented to meet our clients’ specialized needs in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner, Seakay offers proven proficiency in navigating the volatile fields of commercial real-estate transactions, healthcare facility development, regulation compliance, and the highly specialized construction process.

Throughout the development process and construction management of the given facility, we maintain a constant focus on supporting the business objectives of the physicians and or medical provider.

Seakay’s estimating staff and management team review project-construction plans during the pricing phase to identify value engineering opportunities. Working with our trusted subcontractors, we explore cost-saving alternatives. These options are presented to the client and design team as a listing of potential cost savings. We bring this knowledge base to this critical review step but do not limit our value engineering recommendations to simply lowering initial construction costs. We also look at potential savings in the life cycle costs of owning and maintaining the clinic.

Seakay conducts an onsite pre-construction meeting which clearly lays out the respective responsibilities, goals, and schedules for each team member. At this time, our checklists and systems are customized to the specific requirements of the project site and client. Field personnel meet with local officials to identify regional requirements and to address potential obstacles.  By taking these preemptive measures, Seakay is able to assert a higher level of control over the construction process and better assure our ability to deliver the on-time quality that our clients have come to expect.

Seakay takes great pride in our innovative approach to project staffing and oversight. Our unique, regionally-based satellite office structure, combined with our field-based superintendents, is supported by senior management and administrative staff though the use of modern IT solutions. This approach allows the field team to remain onsite for the duration of a project and offer our clients concise, real-time progress reports.  With our field staff and regional office professionals being well-versed in the specifics of medical construction, site requirements, and the best construction practices, Seakay has proven its ability to run highly efficient projects that are executed on time and on budget.

Seakay is confident of our ability to meet and exceed construction objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Initial scheduling identifies critical path tasks and long-lead items, issues that will lead to delays if ignored. Our weekly reports are tied into the initial schedule and assure that all personnel are reviewing progress and are addressing and adjusting the schedule for any changes or unforeseen circumstances before they become a problem. We know that our performance against productivity measures is a strong reflection of our firm’s competency and dedication. Our projects are typically completed on or ahead of schedule and within budget as a result of our expansive experience into this specialized field and of the systems and checklists that we have put in place for our developments and buildouts.

Client Reports

Weekly Reports are submitted that address the status of the construction, relevant financial data, and offer a summary of issues that may have arisen along with a proposed or implemented resolution. This report is complemented with photographs of the progress at the site. Seakay Construction will be happy to generate any supplemental reports or requirements requested.

Quality Control & Oversight

Seakay’s experienced field-based superintendents are onsite for the entire project duration overseeing subcontractors and monitoring the installation of all components. To assure the highest quality, our project managers make site inspections at key points in the construction process. We require that the architect and engineer also make regular inspections and provide reports on findings and recommendations. Seakay takes the additional step of contracting specialized local construction engineers in order to certify work in place.

Given our extensive experience in the field of medical development and construction, Seakay has developed our own preferred list of premier subcontractors who are well versed in medical construction standards and can provide the highest quality workmanship at the most competitive prices. They also assist us in value engineering efforts for each project and assist in the identification of any discrepancies in the plans before the start of a project. This effort allows our team to minimize the duration of our construction schedule and accurately project our milestones and completion dates.

Seakay has earned the reputation of long-term satisfaction and confidence in our buildings. The entire team understands that warranty issues must be resolved quickly. We back our work with an industry standard one-year warranty; in addition, all manufacturer warranties are transferred at occupancy.

Upon client turnover of each project, a complete owner’s manual is provided to the client(s) that includes an owner’s manual for all major systems, manufacturer’s spec sheets and warranties for all items installed, warranties and contact information for all subcontractors, as built drawings, and a complete contact list of all involved in the project. Seakay also maintains this information for each of our projects so that we can provide quick and accurate answers to any questions regarding the building.