Seakay Construction Corp

Our Founder

Mark Kabbes


Mr. Kabbes serves as Chairman of the Board of Seakay Construction Corporation which he founded in 1988. With over thirty years of experience accrued in the commercial development and construction industry, Mr. Kabbes has established Seakay’s outstanding reputation by ensuring his firm serves as a trusted and valued resource to his clients. For the past twenty years, he has focused his company’s work in the medical sector because he recognized a need in the marketplace for this highly specialized service. Mr. Kabbes’ proven expertise in the areas of medical construction and development has allowed him to be recognized as one of the key players in the industry. Credits to Mr. Kabbes’ achievements include the successful development of and/or construction of more than 250 clinics nationwide. In executing the core mission of the firm, he has attracted top professionals to join his company who have demonstrated the same integrity, commitment, quality output, and strong work ethic.